October 2018: Oxford Scientific Software acquired by Hydro-Logic Services (International) Ltd

We are delighted to announce that on October 10 2018, Hydro-Logic Services (International) Ltd acquired Oxford Scientific Software Ltd. We have worked with the Hydro-Logic Services team for over 10 years in developing Aquator for the UK and overseas markets and feel that they are the ideal enterprise to take Aquator into the future. Chris, Peter and Will be working with the new owners to expand and enhance Aquator to meet the new challenges facing water resources management. For further information see: Hydro International offers industry-leading water resources modelling software

June 2018: Welcome to Mark Smith and farewell to Kunle Akande

We welcome Mark Smith who joins Hydro-Logic Services from United Utilities. Mark has extensive water resources experience and was instrumental in the introduction of Aquator modelling within UU. See the Aquator team page for further details.

We also say a fond farewell to Kunle Akande who leaves us for Mott Macdonald. Kunle was Director for Water Resources at Hydro-Logic Services for over three years with overall responsibility for Aquator business there. He lead the Aquator Team on a number of projects including the contract negotiations to supply Aquator to DCWW.

June 2017: Completely new version AquatorXV is released

The first release of AquatorXV is now available to download for Aquator Users who have a current support contract. Development of AquatorXV was announced at the 2015 User Group meeting in Warrington.

March 2017: Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water and Anglian Water prepare to use Aquator

Hydro-Logic Services and Oxford Scientific Software have been contracted by DCWW to supply, install and support the development of Aquator by the Company, across the whole of its supply area.

Anglian Water is constructing Aquator models of its key supply areas, having piloted its use for the Ruthamford zone in 2016.

July 2016: Aquator User Group Meeting 2016

The 2016 Aquator User Group Meeting will take place on Wednesday 12th October at Worcester College, Oxford, which is conveniently located a 10 minute walk from Oxford railway station.

The programme will follow a similar format to previous years when held in Oxford including an optional Aquator training day on Tuesday 11th. Don’t miss out!

If you have not received an email with this announcement and would like a booking form, please make a Sales Enquiry on the Contact Page.

February 2016: Welcome to Antonino Scarbaci

A big welcome to a new member of the Aquator team, Antonino Scarbaci who joinded Hydro-Logic Services this month as Hydrologist/Statistician.

Antonino has an MSc in Environmental Engineering and a second level specialization in environmental risk assessment earned at the University of Studies of Palermo (Italy). He has extensive experience in stochastic and data-driven models analysis and joins Kunle Akande's team.

August 2015: Aquator User Group Meeting 2015

The 2015 Aquator User Group Meeting will take place on Tuesday 13th October in Warrington. The The Village Urban Resort is conveniently located 750m from Warrington Bank Quay rail station.

The programme will follow a different format from previous years, with emphasis on development of the Aquator platform and using Cloud computing with Aquator for the challenges facing water resource modelling. Don’t miss out!

If you have not received an email with this announcement and would like a booking form, please make a Sales Enquiry on the Contact Page.

July 2015: Aquator version 4.3 released

The latest version of Aquator is now available to download for registered users via the Login page. Please note that you should contact us if you wish to upgrade to this version so that we can issue a new licence.

As well as incorporating all the fixes issued for version 4.2, this version has another optimiser option, AquaSolver2 which is the result of feedback at the User Group meeting in 2014. For further information, please see the release notes.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are currently running Aquator version 3 or lower you will need to contact us to upgrade you database files so that they can be opened by version 4.3. Also if you are transferring projects between users, projects developed in Aquator version 4.3 should not be opened in Aquator version 4.2 or lower.

January 2015: Welcome to Kunle Akande

A big welcome to a new member of the Aquator team, Kunle Akande who joined Hydro-Logic Services this month as Director for Water Resources.

Dr Kunle Akande has a Masters’ degree in water resources technology and a Doctorate in civil engineering. He has a passion for the strategic management of water quantity and water quality in droughts and floods, for human and ecological receptors. He has extensive experience of impact assessments and the preparation and implementation of adaptive and integrated water resources investment plans for security of supply and ecosystem protection. Through his work experience and associated research, he has developed innovative approaches for the application of systems thinking to the solution of water management problems.

He was a member of the Scientific and Technical Management Board of the UK NERC-CASE Integrated Water Management Research in the period 2010 to 2014. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist. He is also a member of the CIWEM Water Resources Expert Panel.

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