Privacy Policy

The policy for this website is maintained by Oxford Scientific Software Ltd (OSS) and governs the privacy of the users who choose to access it.

Personal Data

This site does not collect any personal data or other information that could uniquely identify a person using the site. Access to the Aquator User log in facility is set up for users by OSS independently from the website and personal data therein only used for the administration of Aquator licences and notification by OSS of software updates and other technical information regarding the Aquator software application. Users whose login has expired may request their personal data be removed from the Aquator User database by contacting us.

Email addreses aquired from visitors to this website through use of the Contact us page are only used for normal business communication. We do not send out mass e-mailings and we do not share personal data with third parties except to meet legal obligations.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text that your web browser stores on your computer when you visit some sites. We use the following cookies only for users who access the Aquator User log in facility.


All of these expire when the bowsing session ends.

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