Support and Training for Aquator

Aquator training session


Training is an important part of the support we provide for Aquator users. We can provide dedicated training at a customer's site for a number of users, or users may attend the training courses at our offices which are put on from time to time.

A popular format for training is to combine this with attendance at the Aquator User Group meetings where a training course is often delivered on the day preceding the meeting.

If you have training needs for using Aquator, please contact us with a Training enquiry.


Technical support is provided by the Aquator team for all registered users with a support contract. The purchase price for new Aquator licences, whether Outright Purchase or Annual Subscription, includes a one-year support contract.

Software support includes the following:

  • Help from us in running Aquator by e-mail or telephone in an emergency.
  • Software upgrades for Aquator in response to new developments or fixes.
  • Access to known software issues by the User log in page.
  • Access to requests from users by the User login page.
  • Access to workarounds and VBA macros by the User log in page.
  • Ability to move the Aquator licence to a different PC.

Support does not cover construction, development or use of specific Aquator models. For this we recommend you consider our consultancy services.

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