Aquator software licensing

Aquator Licence model

Software licences for Aquator are tied to a particular Windows PC.

It is possible to run Aquator from another PC using Windows Remote Desktop so that multiple users may access a single licensed copy of Aquator, but not simultaneously. If you wish to do this, please let us know so that we can modify your licence to allow this.

Aquator Licence options

Full Version licences allow the user to build and run models.

Run Time Only licences are for users who wish to run models built by other parties but do not need to change the design of the model.

Licences may be purchased outright or on a subscription basis. Below is a summary of the options.

  • Full Version, Outright Purchase
  • Full Version, Annual Subscription
  • Run Time Only, Annual Subscription

Support for the first year of use is included in the price of licences.

If you are interested in purchasing or evaluating Aquator, please contact us with a Sales enquiry.

Academic use of Aquator

Special licencing arrangements for genuine academic uses are available. If you think you are eligible, please contact us with a Sales enquiry.

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