What is it?

AquatorXV is a new release which is a complete re-write of the Aquator modelling platform using the latest Microsoft development tools. It implements the same optimisation algorithm (Aqua-Solver2) that was provided in the previous release of Aquator 4.3.

As the screen shot below shows the user interface is similar to that of previous versions but there are differences: note for instance the use of a ribbon control at the top of the window instead of menus and toolbar buttons.

AquatorXV screen shot


Why the re-write?

The major reasons are: to improve the modelling speed ; to switch to the latest development tools; to provide a platform for at least another 15 years; to simplify and improve the integration and use of VBA; and to provide a modern UI with support for very high resolution displays.

How much will it cost?

If you have a current support contract then the cost is zero i.e. you can treat the release of AquatorXV as simply the next version of Aquator.

What happens to Aquator V4.3?

Version 4.3 is supported in parallel with XV and will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future. But it is very unlikely that V4.3 will ever be significantly enhanced in the future i.e. there will be no V4.4 release.

Do I have to switch to AquatorXV?

No. Our recommendation is to keep using Aquator V4.3 for existing projects but to use AquatorXV for all new projects.

Can I load existing V4.3 projects into AquatorXV?
How much effort does it take to get such a project running?

There is an import facility provided on the AquatorXV startup dialog.

AquatorXV start-up dialog

You must have V4.3 installed and the project(s) to be imported must load cleanly into V4.3 with no errors or warnings. The model and all its data should then import seamlessly and if there is no VBA custom code the imported model should run without further effort. But the significant changes to how VBA is used in AquatorXV means that it is likely you will need to hand-edit any imported VBA to get it to run and run correctly. This effort will likely be significant if there is a large amount of complicated VBA code.

Will I get the same results from V4.3 and AquatorXV?

Its unlikely that you will get identical results for a model of significant complexity. The reasons for this are (i) the optimisation algorithm has been re-written and re-ordered to maximise speed (ii) we observe in many models that more than one solution is optimal i.e. there isn’t one unique solution, so XV may choose a different solution from 4.3 due to (i); (iii) rounding errors will differ (XV does all calculations in double precision whereas V4.3 used single precision). However the important point is that closely similar solutions should be achievable because fundamentally the same optimisation algorithm has been implemented.

Are there features in V4.3 missing from XV?

Obsolete and a few very rarely used features have been omitted.

Will AquatorXV work with AquatorXM?

Yes, providing you are using AquatorXM V1.0.Build 6381 or later. AquatorXV is installed on AWS (Amazon Web Services) MarketPlace computers (V3.0 or later) configured for use with AquatorXM.

How can I learn more?

Go to the Application download web page in the user login section of the Aquator web site and select AquatorXV. At the bottom of the page click on The User Guide to display a PDF copy of the user guide in your web browser.

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