What is it?

AquatorXM (Aquator eXecution Manager) is a control program for undertaking different types of analysis based on Aquator water resource system models. AquatorXM can execute multiple instances of Aquator simultaneously to complete the analysis in a shorter time than would be possible using a single instance of Aquator.

AquatorXM screen shot

Both Aquator V4.3.164 (and later) and AquatorXV V5.0.6597 (and later) models are supported.

How it works

AquatorXM uses a spreadsheet paradigm for the input of parameters that control the analysis and for the display of results during and after analysis execution. Each type of analysis has its own Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet template which provides the layout of the inputs required by the analysis as well as the location of the outputs produced by the analysis.

Get results faster

AquatorXM can create and make use of multiple instances of Aquator on the local PC and/or Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computers.

AWS computers previously configured by Oxford Scientific Software are available and ready to run any AquatorXM analysis quickly and efficiently. For UK organisations, there is now a AWS London data centre meeting stringent compliance standards and is approved for official UK government workloads. Furthermore, customer data remains UK based.

Types of analysis

There are two categories of analysis - off the shelf and bespoke.

- Off the shelf -

  • English & Welsh Deployable Output (DO)
  • Scottish Deployable Output (DO)
  • Risk analysis
  • Batch English & Welsh DO (undertake multiple DO calculations in a single analysis)
  • Batch Scottish DO (undertake multiple DO calculations in a single analysis)
  • Resilience analysis
  • System optimisation using Genetic Algorithms

- Bespoke -

Bespoke analyses are those not covered by the above list and you decide what is to be done. Perhaps multiple runs are required to evaluate a range of new supply options or perhaps an off the shelf analysis could usefully be extended to calculate additional results?

If so, please get in contact using the link below.


Please contact us for enquiries about AquatorXM

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