Aquator user community

Aquator users range from water utility companies, environmental regulators and engineering consultancies through to users who conduct academic studies on water use.

Water utility companies

Map showing water utility companies using Aquator in UK

Developed in response to the needs of the UK water utility regulatory regime, Aquator has been adopted by most of the UK's water and wastewater companies for their water resource modelling, becoming the water resources modelling software of choice.

In some cases the Aquator models have replaced obsolete software models, but in other cases companies have opted to replace competitor software with Aquator because of the reduced cost of model development and maintenance, and its flexibility to deal with complex rules and new regulatory challenges posed by climate change.

Utility companies outside the UK with different regulatory regimes are also finding the flexibility of Aquator compelling. Following studies by Palermo University in Italy, Aquator models have been adopted by Mediterranea Delle Acque S.p.A. and Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A.

Environmental regulators

National environment agencies are usually required to regulate water abstraction regimes to prevent damage to the environment. In the UK the Environment Agency, SEPA and Natural Resources Wales use Aquator for water resource models to both study the operation of water utility company models and develop their own policies on water abstraction.

Engineering consultancies

Construction of water infrastructure

We actively encourage third parties to support and develop models for water utility companies. In the UK there are a number of civil engineering consultancies who have developed considerable expertise in building and supporting Aquator models encouraged by our licensing model, which includes cost-effective options to allow them to licence Aquator as and when they need it.

Worldwide, international engineering consultancies have also found Aquator useful for a wide variety of projects, including modelling scenarios to help determine the priority of water supply in extreme climatic conditions.

Academic users

We actively support the use of Aquator for teaching and research with our licensing policy, which has led to a number of PhD theses where Aquator models have been a component of the research.

For an example of the type of academic research where Aquator is used, please see this document by Chris Harris, University of Birmingham (presented at the Aquator User Group meeting , Worcester College, Oxford, 12th October 2012).

For an example of a published paper using Aquator, follow this link for work carried out by Sean Turner (Cranfield University, UK) and others.

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