Aquator - Technical specifications

Computing requirements

  • Windows 7 / Windows 8 or Windows 10 in 32 or 64 bit editions
  • Aquator does not run under any Windows Server edition or Windows RT
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1600 x 900 (HD+) or better
  • Recommended processors: Intel Core i5 (or equivalent) or better for large models
  • Recommended RAM: 4GB or greater

Aquator components

The standard components available in Aquator to build models, undertake analysis, import and export information are listed below.


Abstraction icon Abstraction Allows water to be taken from a river
Bi-directional link icon Bi-directional link Allows two-way flow on the supply system
Blender icon Blender Mixes water in supply to meet quality standards
Bulk supply icon Bulk supply Allows transfer of water to supply from outside the model
Catchment icon Catchment Adds water to the top of a river tributary on a daily basis
Combiner icon Combiner Converts a bi-directional flow into an inflow and outflow
Confluence icon Confluence Combines two input river reaches into a single output reach
Constraint holder icon Constraint holder Contains licences and other constraints in the supply network
Demand Centre icon Demand Centre Acts as a source of demand such as city, town or region
Discharge icon Discharge Allows water to be added to the river system
Diversion icon Diversion Diverts a single river reach into two river reach outputs
Gauging station icon Gauging station Compares modelled & measured flow and specifies prescribed flow
Groundwater icon Groundwater Simple representation of a groundwater source
Hydro-Generator icon Hydro-Generator Generates electricity and income from water flow
Join icon Join Joins two branches of the supply network into one output
Link icon Link Joins supply network components representing pipelines etc.
Pump Station icon Pump Station Moves water within the supply system or into the river network
Reach icon Reach Simple representation of a river reach with delays and losses
Reservoir icon Reservoir Stores water for either a river or supply network
River regulator icon River regulator Automatically releases water to augment river flow
Service Reservoir icon Service Reservoir Allows multiple links to be joined in a supply network
Split icon Split Splits one input into two branches of the supply network
Termination icon Termination The last component at the downstream end of a river
Water Treatment Works icon Water Treatment Works Models Process Water losses and Clear Water Returns


Annual licence icon Abstraction Restricts the supply from a source to an annual licensed quantity
Annual yield icon Annual yield Restricts the supply from a source to an annual maximum quantity
Availability constraint icon Availability constraint This constraint enables/disables a source on a day-by-day basis
Daily licence icon Daily licence Restricts the supply from a source to a daily licensed quantity
Period licence icon Period licence This is a flexible period licence from one month to many years
Seasonal licence icon Seasonal licence Enforces licence between specific dates within any 12-month period
Rolling licence icon Rolling licence This licence applies over a rolling period of 18 or more months


Abstraction Group icon Abstraction Group Groups components together for abstraction licences
Demand Saving Group icon Demand Saving Group Groups components together for demand saving restrictions
Reservoir Group icon Reservoir Group Groups reservoirs for control based on their combined storage


Line icon Line Can be drawn with specified direction, length, colour and arrowhead
Picture icon Picture Allows pictures to be placed on the schematic
Shape icon Shape Can be drawn with specified style and colour
Text icon Text Text can be written with specified font style, colour and border


Deployable output – English & Welsh method icon Deployable output
– English & Welsh method
This determines the yield or deployable output of a water resources system using the English & Welsh methodology
Deployable output – Scottish method icon Deployable output – Scottish method This determines the yield or deployable output of a water resources system using Scottish methodology (Scottish Water, SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency))
River flow analysis icon River flow analysis Applies flow duration analysis and/or low frequency analysis to sequences of river flows, both recorded and modelled
Risk analysis icon Risk analysis Calculates the risk of reservoir storage being below a certain level on any day in the year ahead, and the risk of each level of demand restriction lasting a number of days in the year ahead


Excel icon Excel This reporter creates a user defined report in Microsoft® Excel©
Text icon Text This reporter creates a user defined report in plain text format
Word icon Word This reporter creates a user defined report in Microsoft® Word©

Import & Export

Excel icon for import Excel Import and export of data and results to Microsoft Excel®
HYSIM icon HYSIM Import and export of data and results to HYSIM files
WRA icon WRA Import and export of data and results to WRA format files


Users of Aquator are provided with the manual in PDF format. The contents of the manual are also accessible as context-sensitive help throughout Aquator. Below are links to each chapter of the PDF version of the manual.

  • The Application (philosophy, how it all works, tutorials, VBA, reference)
  • Components (rivers, reservoirs, demand centres, etc.)
  • Groups (abstraction groups, reservoir groups)
  • Annotations (lines, text, shapes & pictures on the schematic)
  • Constraints (licences, yields, availability)
  • Analyzers (analysis of results and data)
  • Importers (import data from Excel, CSV files, etc.)
  • Exporters (export data to Excel, CSV files, etc.)
  • Reporters (generate reports in Word, Excel, text format, etc.)
  • HYSIM catchment (using the HYSIM catchment model with Aquator)

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