The Aquator team

These are the people behind the development, sales and support of Aquator.

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Hydro-Logic Services (International) Ltd

In October 2018, Hydro-Logic Services International acquired Oxford Scientific Software Ltd. Before this HLSI was the distribution channel for sales, support and training for new Aquator customers for 11 years. It is a division of Hydro International, dedicated to delivering high quality advice and value-added services in the specialist areas of water resources, hydrology, hydrometry and related field services.

Mark Smith of Hydro-Logic Services

Mark Smith

With an MSc in Water Resources Technology & Management from Birmingham University, and a Geography degree from Cambridge, Mark has 15 years experience of water resources planning, management and modelling, including modelling with Aquator which he used to develop a new model for one of the largest Water Resource Zones in the UK. He has a strong understanding of applying modelling approaches within the wider planning and regulatory environment (e.g. across Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) and Drought Plan submissions). In the last WRMP submission that Mark led, significant innovations were applied using stochastic hydrology, advanced decision-making techniques and good practice resilience assessments. He is also a Member and Deputy Chair of the CIWEM Water Resources Expert Panel.

Antonino Scarbaci of Hydro-Logic Services

Antonino Scarbaci

With an MSc in Environmental Engineering and a second level specialization in environmental risk assessment earned at the University of Studies of Palermo (Italy), Antonino has extensive experience in stochastic and data-driven models analysis. At HLS he has worked on Anglian Water’s 3DW project including verification of the Aquator model from historic data and development of the 2010-2012 drought data sets. He has also developed a protocol for using the English and Scottish Methods for deployable output estimation which makes use of 200 stochastic sequences to determine the vulnerability of the Ruthamford system to extended 2 and 3 dry winters over the period of available historic records.

Paul Roberts of Hydro-Logic Services

Paul Roberts

With an MSc in Water Resources and a strong IT background including 20 years as a programmer for a range of organisations, Paul is a Modeller/Analyst with specialist expertise in VBA and building Aquator models including the development of the South Stafforshire Water Aquator model from the original WRAPSIM model.

Oxford Scientific Software

Established in 1994 and based in Oxford in the United Kingdom, Oxford Scientific Software developed Aquator after gaining experience building bespoke water resource models for large water utility companies.
The key people in Oxford Scientific Software are:

Chris Green of Oxford Scientific Software Ltd

Chris Green

With a PhD in Hydrology/Hydraulics, Chris has extensive experience as a hydrologist working on water resource development projects throughout the world. He specialises in computer software development for the water industry and was one of the original developers of Aquator.

Peter Edgley of Oxford Scientific Software Ltd

Peter Edgley

With a DPhil in Physics, Peter has over 40 years' experience of developing software for technical applications including system architecture and user interface design. Peter was one of the original developers of Aquator.

Will Clark of Oxford Scientific Software Ltd

Will Clark

With a DPhil in Physics, Will has over 40 years' experience of software development in the scientific instrument industry, including periods of senior management in technical and commercial roles.

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